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T8 LED Fluorescent Light 08
Lamp Name: T8 LED Flurescent Lamp
Part No.: YZLED7-168C-C
Origin: ShenZhen, China
Delivery Time: 7 days
Quality System Certification: CE,ROHS

Technology Information:
1. Size: ⊄30X600mm
2. LED Source: 3528 SMD
3. IP Degree: IP40
4. Power consumpation: 7W ± 0.5W
5. Woring Voltage: AC220V
6. Lumens: ≥840LM
7. View Angle: 120deg
8. LED Quantity: 168 LEDs
9. Colour temperature: 3000K/6500K
10. Working temperature: <40°C
11. Storage temperature: -40°C~45°C

1. It can be directly placed in T8 brackets, this version of the LED T8 does not require a ballast and starter to operate.
2. Housed in aluminium alloy with a ribbed transparent plastic cover,produces little heat; minimized maintenance hassles and costs.
3. The lamp lasts for nearly a lifetime at up to 80,000hours.
4. Contains no harmful mercury.
5. Energy saving- more than 60% compared with traditional fluorescent lamp.
6. Using high quality LED chips, which have high lumen and low light loss, light loss is less than 5% during 3000hours.
7. Scientific thermal management, the working temperature is lower than 40 degree centigrade.
8. Strict quality control, lighting aging for 48 hours and complete inspection before shipping, qualification rate is more than 98%.
9. CE and Rohs approved.

These lights have been used worldwide in batches, large-scale markets, shopping mall, factories, art galleries and museums, homes, underground car-park, etc.