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Product Number: E6007
Product Name: LED ceiling lamps
Product Information:

LED Ceiling lighting Series
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This product is an embedded indoor lamp. Its outer is made of heat resistant plastic. It looks compact and elegant. Inside the lamp is the newest power saving ,high brightness and long life span LED lamps. The light is focused and reflected to achieve the best effect.

This series is widely used in commercial lighting, home decorating lighting, art gallery and museum lighting.

Circuit Diagram

E6007 LED Ceiling Lights
Part No.: E6007
Light source High power white LED
LED Rated luminous flux   180-240LM/240-320LM
CCT   3000-8000K
LED angle 120deg
Beam of light 30deg
Rated current 350mA/750mA
Power 3*1W/3*3W
Working Temperature 0°C----65°C
Environmental Temperature  -10°C---50°C